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100% Virgin human hair

Sometimes we got some feedbacks from customers, what they want virgin hair and there got was not, so here will offer some details to help you know more about: what is the real virgin hair.

There will have just a handful of suppliers will show you this details for real virgin, because this is the highest quality customers want, but the highest cost they don’t like.



Real virgin hairwas the natural hair which cut from donor, and never processed, even cutting hair ends, iron out will never pass.


So the hair pieces in bundle will be a little more thicker than other Remy hair, and will not so smoothly as Remy hair also.


What process this real virgin hair pass? just cleaning wash and disinfection, then sewing to hair weft in bundle, so you will found that there have some split ends inside before you install, that was what the real situation we cut from donor.


There only grade 8a was virgin hair in our company, other grade 6a 7a 10a was Remy hair, what we call also Virgin-Remy.

In this market, what they call grade A, was not for the standard to separate virgin hair or not, so if there need the real virgin hair, please let me know you real requirement before your order.