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Beachy Waves


This cut is fun and feminine. A classic A-line bob that is lightly layered through the sides and back, it’s complimented with a brow-grazing fringe.

An A-line bob means that the hair is shorter in the back and angles to a longer front. A true A-line haircut will not have layers or “stacking” in the back. It will also frame the face in the front and curl under the chin. This look was modernized with imperfect curls to add softness. It’s a timeless look, popular with celebrities, and it’s easy to go from day to night.

A-line bobs don’t all have to look the same. Changing the angle, color placement, or adding bangs can change the entire look without taking away from the classic shape. Bangs are higher maintenance, so be sure to visit your stylist between cuts to keep them looking great.

This style works with all face shapes and hair textures. Bangs especially complement oval faces and draw attention to your cheekbones—since this face shape is on the longer side, the wisps can actually help widen the face.


Sleek and Straight


The long layers of this cut take away weight and bulk, giving hair the illusion of being all one length until it moves—then you see the lightweight texture throughout.

Hair that falls past the shoulders doesn’t have to be cut all one length. By varying the texture and length you’ll see a shape that looks like lived-in texture. This cut is high on the trend radar for those who absolutely love long hair.

A feather razor is used to break up the weight of long hair, but still maintains the length. By razoring the last 3-5 inches of the outline, the layers stay close to the shape, creating an illusion that the hair is all one length.

This style works with all hair textures that are straight to wavy, with medium to coarse density. All face shapes can wear this style.


Full-on Curls


This cut is a classic bob shape that is texture-cut through the ends to create separation in the curls.

This shape and style is romantic and can be worn casually for the day and can go straight into date night. Ladies love the textured bob shape because it’s easy to maintain and looks great even while it grows out. Plus, it compliments all face shapes.

This look is cut squarely at the collarbone or just below the chin. Unlike traditional layering, the length of theses layers are kept long to maintain fullness. This style works for all hair textures, from straight to curly, because it can be worn beautifully both curled and smooth.