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How "Fair" is your Virgin Remy Hair?


Over the past ten years human hair extensions have become a genetic commodity.
No longer happy with what Mother Nature gave us, we women can transcend from the natural daytime look into Red Carpet-Sultry Evening glam in a blink. No shortcuts, an instant transformation complete with long lashes and 6 inch heels (well perhaps for the brave of us).

Demand for big hair seems never-ending… But where does all this hair come from? And how ‘fair’ or ‘ethical’ is its sourcing?

For centuries women and girls have been donating or selling their hair to wigmakers and hair collectors for cultural or economical reasons or even by force without any questions being asked and getting 'tuppence' in exchange. Today this is no longer acceptable as fair trade has become standard and as a consumer you demand to know where goods come from and rightfully so.

Our Superior Virgin Remy Hair is sourced from its country of origin and because of our close ties to the local supplier we are confident the hair comes exactly from where it says. What you see is what you get.

However, as a small business operating from many seas away, we cannot control how much women are paid locally for their hair but we do know that the raw hair material is becoming very expensive and we are seeing the increase of prices.

Women all over the world now understand the value of their hair in today’s human hair extensions market. They are demanding better pay from the hair collector and auction houses, which in turn is passed on to the hair buyer.

Our main goal is to become hair collectors ourselves within the next 1-2 years. This way, we will have total control over the value of our human hair extensions and then we will be able to say hand on our heart; “Yes our Virgin Remy Hair is Fair”.