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Warm prompt of payment security—Meir Hair

Recently, we got the new inform from our Market (human hair field), there have some person who join the work on purchase in different human hair companies, when they left, they steal the customer data, keep contact with customers and defraud the payment in the name of the company, as what we know there have 3 person, they defraud more than $20,000 in last year, we are afraid there have someone we do not know yet.

Now there have one inform inside this industry to remind the companies and customers.

As all we know, hair factories in this market, we are in one circle where we share the news and communicate sometimes, in order to prevent this cheat our customers will met, please do not trust any request of payment from those person,  who use the personal contact and ask you to send the payment in the name of our company, unless we sending you request in our official email.

Our official email suffix:

PayPal payment request: Hilda@Brazilianhairtop.Com

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Any questions, just feeling free to contact: to confirm.

Attached was the inform in our hair circle.