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Do I need to wash my clip in hair extensions? How do I do it?

Yes you can, however we only recommend washing your extensions if they absolutely need it. Hair extensions do not cope with the stripping and harshness of products found in shampoos and conditioners as well as your natural hair does. This is because human hair extensions lack the oily nourishment provided from our scalp which constantly acts to coat and protect your hair from damage.

Every time you wash your extensions the natural oil content will gradually reduce affecting their quality and lifespan. If your extensions are over washed they will become dry losing their original softness and shine compared to when you first purchased them. We recommend only washing your extensions if they smell or any other factor which may affect their look and feel.

We suggest when you wash your hair to use high quality sulphate free products that will extend the life of your extensions such as our X-TEN Silky Lite Shampoo and Conditioner which can be found on our accessories page.