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Four different small curl style wigs

Four different small curl style wigs.

A lot of people can not tell some small curvature of the hair name, today let me tell you their exact name and characteristics and differences.


●The first kind of curls, we call it AFRO, this curvature is imitated by the African women under the natural state of the curvature of the hair. But it is not the smallest curvature.



●The second kind of Curly Hair, we call it Big curly, many people will be it with the third hair Deep curly the curvature of the confused, in fact, they are very easy to distinguish between two, their curvature is the same size, During the shaping process, the direction of rotation of the hair is different. Big curly all hair is not in the same direction, of which 50% are wound in the opposite direction. And the curvature of Deep curly is exactly the same. We can see the following picture, the curtain of the development map.


●The third kind of curls, we call it Deep Curly, this curl is more compact than our common Deep wave,the whole looks very neat.


●The fourth kind of curls, we call Jerry curly, the curvature of the size of Curly and Kinky curly between, his volume is no rules


●The fifth kind of curly hair is the smallest curvature of all curls, called KINKY CURLY, this curly hair is very tight, very popular with customers.