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How To Blow Dry Your Hair Straight ?

If you're searching for the latest, jaw-droppingly straight hairstyles that appear almost in seconds on red carpets or in fashion magazines these days, then you just have to know how to blow dry your hair straight without pulling or fringing it. Many people mistakenly think that straight hair takes more time to style than curly, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, both types of hair take less time to style as long as you use the right products and keep a steady iron close by. You may need to experiment a bit with products and styling methods to find what works best for your hair, but with some patience, you can achieve straight results in no time at all.


The secret to straightening hair is to avoid the extra damage done by the dryer's jet stream of warm air. A cheap, disposable hair dryer can leave your tresses dry and brittle and using a high-end model can lead to burning and damage. The best way to avoid damage is to use a hair drier that is consented to dry wet hair gently and only in short bursts, such as a few seconds on each side. This will keep the hair from being dried out too much, which is often the case with cheap, low quality models. Also, remember that using a hair dryer that is professionally powered will help you get faster and straighter results than those that are run on battery or gas, which is something to consider if you want to learn how to blow dry your hair straight without the risk of damaging it.


One of the most important tools when learning how to blow dry your hair straight is your fingers, and this is doubly true if you're going to work the product out of your hair. Use a small, wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair, taking care not to use excessive pressure or you may tear your hair out. The natural curl of your hair will be combed out, and then the hair dryer will be used to dry it out and style it. Do not brush the product into your hair, because you may end up with extra flyaway hair, and the product will be much harder to remove once you've applied it. Once your hair is dry and styled, use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle your locks, and always use a product-free shampoo to get rid of any product residue.


Next, use a diffuser to create a gentle steam for your hair, which helps it dry much easier. You don't have to use a diffuser if you don't want to, but it does make a difference. Using a diffuser to create steam can also reduce frizziness and protect your hair from damage. If you're having trouble with how to blow dry your hair straight, try using a diffuser or steam dryer along with the straightening iron, which is especially helpful for those who suffer from hair damage or dizziness.


Lastly, when blow drying, use a hairbrush to apply product to your hair in small sections rather than in a sweeping motion. If you use a large brush, you spread the product over your entire head, which spreads it over the smallest portions, making it harder to dry. The result is frizz. A hairbrush can also help prevent hair damage by giving you more control when you brush your hair.


How to blow dry your hair? Use these simple tips to reduce frizz and give your hair maximum protection from the sun and heat. Follow these simple rules for drying your hair and getting the look you want. By taking the time to learn how to use your dryer properly, you can save yourself from the frustration that comes with frizzy, unruly hair. Start your hair-dryer regimen today!