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How to choose your best hair

Now people like to blow hair dyeing and perm, already so hurt her hair also spent the money, not as good as the wig is simple and health. Wearing a wig can have the effect of appearance modification, change hair style simple, convenient and save time, also avoid the hair damage in the barber. Although the wig in people’s lives has played a vital role, but if you don’t choose a suitable wig, not only will not play the role of modification, but will gild the lily. Here are a few of the different styles of wigs.

1.Long face: made the hair body wave, can add elegant taste. Should choose the hairstyle which is loose and elegant, neat and messy.

long face

2.Round face: should choose the straight hair with taller top and two sides stick to suit, the vertical line of straight hair can reduce the width of the round face on the vision.

Round face

3.Square face: do not leave the neat bang, can use short straight hair that ends to the cheek side with asymmetric slanting bang.

Square face

4.Triangular face: Select the side of the split seam of the asymmetric hair style, exposing the full amount of forehead, and hair tip can be slightly rough

Triangular face