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How To Turn Curly Hair Into Loose Waves

Learning how to turn curly hair into loose waves can be a very challenging task. Curly hairs are very easy to manage, but when it comes to the "unruly" kind of curls, you'll need to use some special tools to tame them and make them look like smooth shiny locks. There are many hairstyles out there that have waves or curls in them, but most women would probably like to have their own version of what society deemed as "curly." If you want to know how to turn curly hair into loose waves, then there are a few things you should know about this type of hair to help you out.


The first thing you should know about how to turn curly hair into loose waves is that these types of curls are quite stubborn. They won't simply become loose with any simple combing or brushing, and you might have to go through quite a few trial and error sessions before you manage to get this hairdo to look just right. If you try to comb or brush your hair too tightly, you could damage your hair, especially if you don't get a sufficient break between each stroke. On top of that, it will take quite a few sessions before you will be able to achieve the look you want. Once you finally manage to tame your curls, you will notice that they will become much less noticeable over time. This is because they will become less noticeable due to the fact that they are much softer and the natural wave patterns in your hair will be disguised.


The best way to tame your hair into a more controllable texture is by shampooing your hair frequently. This helps to unclog the pores in your hair and let you shampoo without worry. It will also remove any dirt and excess oils that might be stuck in your hair as well. The scalp and roots are also washing clean to prevent further damage to your hair from chemicals as well. This should turn your curly locks into smooth shiny locks in no time.


Another technique on how to turn curly hair into loose waves is by using heat to dry it out. This works on a similar principle to blow drying. You don't want to use a blow dryer because it can damage your hair, after all. Instead, use a hair dryer on a low setting and apply a little bit of heat to dry out your hair. You should notice that after about ten minutes have passed, your locks will become much looser and more manageable. However, this is not the best method if you want to have long hair, so use it sparingly.


If you have no luck with the previous two methods on how to turn curly hair into loose waves, then you should consider one last option. It is called iontophoresis and it has been used for decades to treat certain hair problems. In this technique, you place your fingers in water and gently squeeze the water from your fingers into your scalp. The tension in your hair loosens up, allowing your hair to become smoother.


There are many other techniques on how to turn curly hair into loose waves, but these are some of the most popular ones. It is important to remember that you shouldn't use any type of heat on your hair while you are trying to style it. You want to keep everything as gentle as possible because it is more difficult to manage if you use too much heat to dry your hair. Also, try to avoid brushing it when you are drying it because this can also cause damage. Once you get the hang of styling your hair, you might find that these tips on how to turn curly hair into loose waves work pretty well for you!