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How to Wear the Ponytail

  Refreshing ponytail almost everyone love, and this classic and easy to take care of the hairstyle can be described as enduring, always walk in the forefront of fashion. The advantage of the wig is that you can help you achieve any horsetail modeling: curly hairy tail, straight hair tail, fluffy corn hot horsetail, you can also increase the amount of tail hair, in their own horsetail to add color hair tail, your ponytail will be more cool Hyun outstanding Come and learn how to wear a horsetail.

Hair bundle tail wear

Method one:

1.Put the hair comb tail tied to our own horsetail

2.Comb the tail, finish wearing

Hair bundle tail wear method 1

Method Two:

1.Divide your horsetail into two parts

2.Put the tail of the tail of the rubber band in your own tail of the second half of the hair bundle

3.Put down the upper half of the hair bundle, and then use the hair bundle tail of the rubber band to tie hair

4.Comb the tail, fit your hair and finish

Hair bundle tail wear method 2