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The Difference Between Transparent Lace Closure & Light Brown Lace Closure?

As followings, we will introduce these lace closure.


What is mild brown lace closure?


A lace closure is established in the “horseshoe” location of the head to shut off the style, so they known as closure. Typically the closure dimension is 4*4 inch. Most are physique wave lace closure and straight wave lace closure. As you recognize the hair sew in the lace, our lace is Swiss lace, and the shade is mild brown. Why the lace has a specific color? It relies upon on the pores and skin of the human beings who use it.


To make the wigs greater herbal to the black women, the fashionable designs this sort of lace closure, it is handy to make wigs for black women. Or the stylist will use a lot of cosmic to modify, however it will lose natural. Except for physique wave lace closure and straight wave lace closure, we nevertheless have free wave lace closure, curly wave lace closure herbal wave lace closure, most lace closure hair is herbal black, and coloured lace closure like #613, #1B613, and #1B427we additionally provide.


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What is obvious lace closure?


The obvious lace closure is the equal form as the mild brown lace closure, and the feature is the same. The distinction in the coloration of the lace. You can adjust any colour you like or the equal with your pores and skin color. The obvious lace closure is new merchandise in our store, it solely has physique wave obvious lace closure and straight wave obvious closure.


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What is the distinction between obvious lace closure and mild brown lace closure?

Obviously, you will see the lace coloration is different, one is mild brown, and the different one is transparent. But as a new begin obvious lace closure solely have two kinds: physique wave and straight wave, if you have a exceptional requirement, you can contact us for customizing information. Some humans will omit the records about the personalized which ability solely we get your order, we will switch it to the manufacturing facility to make it for you, Such personalized objects simply for wigs.


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