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Protect the Hair of Common Sense

Hair, can you "plump" more?.jpg

Hair, can you "plump" more?


    How much hair by the genetic decision, in general, red hair are relatively heavy, although the largest number of blond hair but soft. Can not change the gene, it can only withstand a sparse hair? Of course not. There is a good way to use some silicone-like hair care products, such as dimethyl silicone, ring dimethyl silicone (usually in the hair care products are added to these ingredients). They can form a thin film on the surface of the hair, so that the hair looks full and not greasy, even after cleaning, can still be retained in the hair, convenient and effective. In addition, take care of hair can make hair look full!After shampooing the first hair root hair, with a point of disposable hair conditioner or moss easy to get! But if your hair is very thin, do hair when the best use of low heat setting, the damage to a minimum.


Hot shampoo more hair.jpg

Hot shampoo more hair, warm water shampoo just right


    Some people like to shampoo with hot water, because the feeling is very refreshing after washing. In fact, this is very wrong. Hot water can give you a moment of fresh, but it will take a lot of sebum - sebum, but hair natural hair conditioner, it can not only make hair shiny, as well as the protection of hair function.

    Sebum is so important, can not be washed with hot water, that with cold water? Not so extreme, with warm water like. In addition, do not forget to massage the scalp. Scalp massage not only makes people feel calm and gentle, but also to promote the head of the blood and lymph circulation. (Note: massage is the finger of the pulp, not with nails!)