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We always put quality as the first consideration. Quality is even more important than quantity.

---technicians and quality inspectors control quality before production, during production and before shipment.

  • High Quality Human Hair
  • Human Hair
  • Real Human Hair
  • Remy Human Hair

1 ) We imported human hair directly, and we have many hair collections around China, this can guarantee our Indian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Brazilian and Chinese human hair are 100% pure, virgin not any impurity.

We have our own skilled hand tied workers to ensure the top craftsmanship and fast production.

  • Virgin Human Hair
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Produxts

2 ) Meir Hair products will ask you questions or ask for your confirmation. If Meir Hair products can't understand the order forms completely or there is any discrepancy in order form and on the template. To make the exact unit BUYER wants, we will ask you question however smaller the question is.
We have special hair processing method and producing line, which can be sure our hair are in the best conditions when they are tied in the lace closures.
After being translated, the orders forms will be checked to see whether order forms have been translated properly.
After every stages of making (such as making the base, dying the hair, curling the hair and knots. There will be an inspection for quality.

3 ) Before shipment: Meir Hair products will inspect the hair replacement completely. The units with any little problem will not be let out of our factory. Before packing, the hairpieces need to be inspected three times, inspecting hand tie craftsmanship, coloring, lace materials, wig accessories and texture, to check if they are all according to the customer's requests.
All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out.

Packing Hair Products

We committed ourselves to quality improvement and control.
We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise.

1. two technicians and two quality inspectors.

2. we inspect goods in.

3. we control the quality during production.

4. we check quality after completion and before shipment.
    No one can match us so far as quality is concerned.

5. we ensure all products sent out are qualified.

This is our quality control system frame:

quality control system frame