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Why You Should Buy From Mink Hair Brazilian Wholesaler ?

What exactly is Mink Brazilian Hair ? Definition: Mink hair is the generic term used to describe high quality synthetic hair extensions offered by manufacturers. It's human hair taken from the live donor. Technically, human hair extensions can be called any hair that they sell as Mink Hair, however in truth, it often takes hair quality to a whole other level. Simply put, some human hair extensions can be called as Mink if they are treated or processed in such a way that they give the wearers a shiny, silky and soft appearance. In other words, certain hair extensions may be called as Mink if they are processed in such a way that they impart a unique appearance to the wearers.


What's the difference between Mink and virgin human hair? The biggest difference between the two is that virgin human hair cannot be treated or chemically processed (dyed, permed, color treated). On the other hand, mink brazilian hair is very much applicable to the said type of hair. Mink is a luxurious, smooth and shiny hair that is completely unaltered even when it is processed (dyed, permed, color treated). It has high levels of elastin and collagen and it easily retains its natural shape. Unlike virgin human hair, mink brazilian hair has been dyed, curled and blow dried, so its natural texture and quality is compromised.


Mink brazilian hair comes from three sources - one donor, one recipient and one cuticle layer. Each donor and recipient has different characteristics and the combination of them produce certain Mink strands. For example, one donor may be naturally curly, while another may be naturally straight. This means that regardless of what kind of hair someone has, it can all be transformed into one smooth, luxurious and silky blend by chemical processing.


So how does one go about buying mink brazilian hair? One of the best ways to buy this type of hair weave is from mink brazilian hair wholesale. Yes, there are actually many textile manufacturers out there selling hair weaves, but because of their origin, they are less authentic and may not be as true to the originality of the wefts they produce. Before you purchase any Mink product, you should always check the originating company so you get what you pay for.


The other two techniques are described below. If you want to soften the look of your mane without using any heat at all, then the Single Hair Softener is the one to get. All you have to do is put the wetted material on the scalp, apply the single-hair-donator or a regular brush to smoothen it out. After which, blow dry the mane using your hairbrush or air dryer, and then apply some conditioner. It would be best to do this at least once a month or every few weeks, depending on your hair type.


If you want to have your mane soft and shiny without having to go through all the procedures described above, then the best choice for you is the Brazilian Mink Extensions. These ones are available in many different lengths, styles, and texture, and they are made from real Brazilian hair. This means that the wefts, which are made of 100% human hair, are all real. Unlike the Single Hair Softener, the Brazilian Mink Extensions require no heat, and they are much more durable than their non Brazilian counterparts.


However, despite the many benefits that these Brazilian mink brazilian hair extensions have, there are still people who will prefer the natural look, and they would definitely want to use these hair extensions instead. For those who want to get real mink hair, they should consider getting hair extensions from reputed hair companies. There are a lot of online stores nowadays where one can find authentic brazilian hair. Most hair companies that offer mink brazilian hair extensions also have professional stylists who can help their customers achieve the perfect look that they want.